četrtek, 15. november 2007

I chose this picture because I love Slovenia.
By lostajy

četrtek, 08. november 2007

About my dog

My dog is a Cairn terrier and his name is Taček. Now he is 9 years old, that means 56 years in human years. He is very kind and lively dog. He likes to go for a walk and he adores chocolate.

The terrier is a breed which is bred for hunting. While usually small, these dogs are brave and tough with a lively, energetic and almost hyperactive personality.

The Cairn terrier is one of younger »working« terrier. Cairn terrier was bred in Scotland Isles. And his name comes from heaps of stones which are sown on the Highlands.

They were used to hunt weasels, rabbits and foxes, both over and under the ground, also used to hunt badgers.

The word terrier comes from the Middle French terrier, derived from the Latin terra, meaning earth.

Today these dogs are only used for house pets, because these faithful, smart, kind and lively dogs adapted themselves to life in dwelling.

sreda, 24. oktober 2007

About Gozd, my home village

The village name - Gozd - already tells us something about the village. Gozd is a Slovene word for forest. It thus tells us, that this small village is located in the forest. Gozd is a small, kind village, which is situated above the Vipava valley. There are approximately 40 houses and 127 inhabitants. Houses are scattered around the hills. They are removed one from another also for 5 km. All the inhabitants in the past lived from what they produced at home. When they started to open factories in theVipava valley, people started to migrate there in order to earn their living, because the town was quite a bit away from Gozd. So a lot of houses stayed empty but today everything is changing. More and more people are staying at home, and building new houses. They have realized, that it is very beautiful here, clean, intact nature, clean air… Some farms began to live again, they are producing biological food, they have cattle and horses.

One of the attractions in Gozd is Kovk, a very popular and well known airfield for parachute sailing in Gozd . Lovers of sailing from whole Europe know this place.

Also many protected alpine flowers grow here (Gentian, Pulsatilla, Hellebore, Avrikelj...) People, that visit Gozd can also see whole Vipava valley from Nanos to Kras and also the Gulf of Trieste.

In Gozd we also have a ski association, called Gozd skiing club. This association organizes various ski competitions, and horse races. Only 4 km from Gozd there is a very popular tourist farm Sinji Vrh. There they serve traditional dishes typical of this part of Slovenia.

I think, that everybody who gets to our places, will find something interesting for themself.

More about the "Kovk"take off place


Me and the Internet

I don’t remember exactly when I started using the internet. It could be when I was a last year student at primary school. My first e-mail account was on Volja. My type of home connection is a dial-up one. The connection is slow and expensive because of a high up time. I hope I will change my internet provider soon, because this connection is very slow and at the end of month the bill is huge. I use the internet for school, chat, watching funny videos… I used it for the first time when I needed to find some information for school.I think the internet is a great resource and is becoming more and more useful for people around the world.

torek, 16. oktober 2007

Hello world

My name is Davorin Mikuš and I'm 19 years old. I come from Gozd, a small village above Ajdovščina. I study Mechatronics at the vocational college at the Technical School Centre. In my free time I like playing football and because of that my friends and I founded a soccer club last year. When there is snow, I like skiing. Where I live there is a lot of snow and this is one of the reasons why I like skiing. My hobby is also playing diatonic accordion. I have been playing diatonic accordion for 9 years, but now I wish I started earlier because when you are younger you learn much more and more quickly. And I wish to form a band in the future.